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29 April 2016

Kimono obi clutch bags for Etsy shop





I have listed four of these kimono obi clutch bags for my Etsy shop.
I hope you like them!

27 April 2016

Kimono obi clutch bags for Etsy shop

I have just listed these four gorgeous kimono obi sash zipper clutch bag at my Etsy shop.

Photos from Kisaragi festival



Already a couple month ago, but I sold my handmade jewellery and bags with other artisans from Kazuyo's collection at Kisaragi festival. 

15 March 2016

11 March 2016

Kimono jewellery: Kimono necklaces for Etsy shop

I have listed some Silk kimono fabric ball necklaces on my Etsy shop.

Kimono jewellery and bags for Kazuyo's collection, West End

I have just delivered my handcrafted kimono & origami jewellery to Kazuyo's shop in West End.
Teshigoto- Kazuyo's collection, 195 B Boundry st., West End, Brisbane

07 March 2016

Meisen silk kimono brooches : New stocks for Etsy shop



These brooches/ hair clips are available at my Etsy shop.
All these brooches are made with meisen silk kimono offcut pieces.
Aren't the colours amazing?

Kimono jewellery: Kimono mini earrings for Etsy shop

I have finally reopened and restocked my Etsy shop.
I will update more items soon.

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